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Best Kids Air Mattresses Reviews in 2020

Best Kids Air Mattresses Reviews in 2020

Kids are the most important part of families. If you have kids at home, then you should be concerned about their health that’s why we introduce kids air mattress product. They have difficulty in sleeping with parents or adults because they need a tight and comfort sleep by spreading their legs and sleeping in an easy position. Thus, you should purchase very soft and comfortable beds for them.

The main reason for bad health is less or uncomfortable sleep. It can also be because of an unbalanced diet or any other factor. Might be possible that your kid is not comfortable in his sleep, so let us introduce you the best way for getting good sleep, and that is using very comfortable and reliable mattresses.

Best mattresses for kids are air mattresses. An air mattress is inflatable and delectable, that is made up of vinyl, cotton, rubber or any plastic material. It is very soft and comfortable for your kid. It can be rolled up for trips or any occasions. You can use any air pump to inflate it.
Now you must be thinking of the best air mattress for your child. Here in this article, we are going to introduce some best air mattresses. But before buying you should first consider these factors.

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Buyer’s guide for Buying Kids Air mattress:

Before buying anything, everyone should first check its details related to its making and the materials that are used in the product. So let us go through a few factors about these mattresses that you need to understand before going out to purchase.


A mattress is that item for which everyone thinks about its softness and comfort. Air beds are comfortable for your kid and will give them relief and good sleep. They are durable and reliable. Therefore, you should choose the one that is highly comfortable and has durable material.


These mattresses are made up of plastic, polyvinyl or rubber. These materials are very sturdy and danger free. They don’t have phthalates, lead, and BPA. The cotton used is very soft and safe. All of the materials are germ-free and give special kind of comfort ability. Choose a spill-free material so you baby can freely make a mess.


When you have emergency guests at home with kids, and you have less space then don’t worry about their sleeping arrangement, just air blow these mattresses and your guest can take rest upon it easily.

Long lasting:

One more feature of an air bed is its life is long. You can use the best brand air bed with a guarantee of maximum years and get benefits from it. So before buying you must check its warranty.


While buying any mattress, everyone should first check its capacity that how many people it can sleep on it at once. Air mattresses usually have a maximum capacity of 500 pounds.


One more important in any product is safe. Air mattresses are safe and secure for your child because they have proper sides to protect your kid from falling. So you can now sleep without any thoughts of your child will get fall.

Best air bed mattresses for kids:

Now comes the turn to introduce you to some best air beds for your kid. We are sure that these air beds will bring comfort to your kid’s life. Healthy sleep gives healthy brains, and the brain is the most important part of the human body. So go ahead and check out these.

8. Outdoor toddler traveler bed for kids:

8.    Outdoor toddler traveler bed for kids:

Toddler traveler bed is specially designed to fit easily in camps. It is perfect for all of the outdoor activities and adventures and really easy to attach with the help of super-comfy sleeping bag. The maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds with protective and durable as well as water-resistant. It is made up of soft flocking on top and durable nylon bed protector on the bottom which gives extra protection and good sleep. Due to these materials, no disturbing noise can disturb your child’s sleep.

  • Easy to carry
  • Protective and comfortable
  • Safe from phthalate
  • lead
  • BPA
  • Has less capacity
  • Less warranty

7. The shrunks Sleepover Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress for Family:

7.    The shrunks Sleepover Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress for Family:

This mattress has been in the market for many years. Your child will feel free and safe by sleeping on this bed. It includes a small and compact pump which inflates it in only 30 seconds.

Extremely safe materials have been used in this product, and it is an award-winning inflatable air mattress. It is also perfect for adults due to its specific size and comfort. Your child or any adult can feel cozy while sleeping on this mattress.

  • Very comfortable and reliable
  • Perfect for sleepovers
  • travels
  • other adventures
  • Squeak-free
  • It losses it’s color very quickly
  • Gets damaged quickly

6. Sweesire Air Mattress, Cartoon Panda Air Bed:

6.    Sweesire Air Mattress, Cartoon Panda Air Bed:

This is a special type of air mattress for your kids. Children love cartoon characters, so here we are introducing a panda-shaped air bed which is 100% PVC material. It is , and its flocked top keeps the surface dry and clean. It is easy to carry and easy to inflate. It’s inflation size is 79*47*8in (200*120*20cm) and deflation size is 14*11*9in (37*28*23cm). It has a unique design that would be loved by your little one.

A detachable backrest has been designed with this inflatable toddler air bed, which supports the neck, back, and head. It fits the back and props the waist. It has multi-layered soft top flocking that creates great and perfect comfort with amazing feelings all over the night.

  • Unique style and more comfortable
  • 100% PVC material
  • No squeak sounds and gives complete rest your child’s brain
  • Only one year warranty

5. Intex kid Travel Bed Set:

5.    Intex kid Travel Bed Set:

This bed is comfortable and versatile. It has a plush surface material and a double support structure. This is the perfect bed for your child’s sleep time. It is also perfect for trips, camping, and other adventures. Its frame gives it extra stability which gives you relief and surety that your child will not fall off.

It is light in weight includes a hand pump which inflates it easily and perfectly, you don’t need to buy any pump separately. It is easy to store, and the design has fit standard crib sheets that are 28-inch by 52-inch sleep area. Light in weight and easy to carry.

  • Has special frame for sides
  • Has standard crib sheets
  • Extra stable
  • Can lose air soon
  • The material used is not 100% PVC

4. Extra Era Air Mattress for kids:

4.    Extra Era Air Mattress for kids:

The product name is introducing itself that it is an extra air mattress with 4-inch high bumper to save the kids from being rolling down. It is made up of 100% cotton. It is fully washable. Some stars, moon, and clouds have been printed upon it to attract your child towards it.

Its electric pump inflates it in less than 60 seconds and deflates it at the same time to be stored for external use. It has hard-wearing puncture resistant on the outside that gives maximum support to your child the entire night. Its inflated dimensions are 65″ x 38″ x 8.6″.

  • 4-inch high bumper for your child safety
  • Beautiful design to attract kids
  • Hard wearing and puncture resistant for a comfortable sleep
  • No warranty
  • Costly

3. Bestway Dream Glimmers Air Bed:

3.    Bestway  Dream Glimmers Air Bed:

Kids have different kinds of moods. They need the best sleep to stay happy, and while sleeping, they need comfort and joy. What if we provide them both the things with the help of only one Air bed which has starry night sky design and multi-color alternating lights that create a magical environment to the room and in your kid’s life.

This air bed has a recessed-center design which gives extra comfort and stability and also protection to your kid. Its uniqueness of design makes it more attractive.

  • Beautiful design and more comfort
  • Runs on 3AAA batteries It has multi-color alternating lights
  • Lights may get damaged quickly
  • 3AAA batteries are not included

2. The shrunks Toddler Travel Air bed for Kids:

2.    The shrunks Toddler Travel Air bed for Kids:

While shopping we always think about the product’s features and warranty so here we are introducing a toddler travel air bed for your child which has a lifetime warranty. It is an award-winning toddler travel bed which has crib sheets. It has no squeaking noises which is important for a good night’s sleep. Your child will enjoy it. If you are an adult, you can buy this bed for yourself as well because of its right size.

  • It is free from phosphates, BPA and lead
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed low to the ground
  • Sometimes material smells
  • Large in size for babies

1. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Air bed for kids:

1.    Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Air bed for kids:

Those products which are free from phthalates, lead and BPA is safe and secure for use. The hiccapop bed is one of them. It has a lifetime warranty. Light in weight and portable. Hiccapop includes turbo pump and travel bag. The vinyl used in this toddler bed is 40% thicker, which makes it puncture proof.

It is durable and reliable. Kids have difficulty in sleeping with parents or adults so you should provide them with a separate comfortable bed. This bed is specially designed for your child. It has no air leakage. It is 25% taller and 25% longer. Safe and comfortable. Inflates in only 30 seconds and quickly deflates. It is fit for all of the standard crib sheets and blankets. A great solution for your child’s sleep. It is free from BPA, phthalates, and lead.

  • 40% extra vinyl used brings more comfort
  • It is fit for all kind of crib sheets and blankets
  • Puncture proof
  • Costly
  • The material used for storage bag is not good


Having a baby is a blessing. The most important factor for babies is sleep. They should take a very comfortable sleep so for this purpose we have introduced you to the best eight air mattresses that are great, durable, reliable and comfortable for your child. All of the above mattresses have one thing common that is air inflation. Air has a special character that it has natural softness and comfort, so toddler air beds are very good.

They are easy to carry, no matter if you are traveling somewhere or staying at home. They will give you the feasibility to stay easy. All of the beds mentioned above have safe material used which is free of BPA, phosphates, and lead. Some of them have travel bags and air pumps which makes them even more special.

They are long lasting and have a maximum capacity. Some of them have special designs that attract the kid’s attention. Moreover, you should purchase the one that suits your budget and requirements.

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