The Best Building Toys For Kids Under 5 Years Old

Over the years, multiple versions of toys for kids have been developed and made available to parents and guardians. However, the consideration of which of the toys is best for the child remains in the hands of the parents.

This is because there are many factors to consider before you can actually get a toy for your kids. Nonetheless, research and statistics have proven that the toys that have since been in existence are better than the recently designed and developed since the recent advents of technology. The more traditional toys are in higher demand with a good example being the building blocks.

Let’s Take a Look Our Top 10 Building Toys For Kids Under 5 Years Old

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Why do you need building blocks for kids?

The need for having building blocks for your kids is endless especially because of the existing varieties that make your kids always have new projects to work on. Some of the building blocks that are presently in the market include but are not limited to the following.

# 1- Viahart Brain Flakes:

This is one of the best building blocks presently, as the brain flakes does not do what the other ordinary building blocks do. Rather, these blocks are made of plastic discs that have slots and can therefore interlock, one against the other in a simple but reliable grip. At the point of purchase, the pack comes with up to 500 discs together with the jar used for storing them.

# 2- Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set Building Kit:

This is yet another unique set of building blocks, which parents should consider as they feature balls, each with color, and have suction cups. For this reason, the kids can simply let individual pieces to join with the next piece. It is designed to come up with a representation of the bonds learnt in chemistry.

# 3- Melissa & Doug Construction Set in a Box:

This set is ideal for kids that really love the game because it is rather engaging, comprising of nuts as well as bolts, blocks and even respective building boards that will ensure that you children have multiple options of designs to build.

# 4-Wonder bricks 1000 Building Bricks:

This is the best choice particularly for guardians who want to grow their children’s brick bank while at the same time remaining under the confines of budget because at the end of the day, branded bricks are very expensive. This set comes with up to 1000 toy bricks despite its price, giving the child multiple varieties of designs that they can come up with.

# 5- Click n’ Play 300 Piece Wooden Domino Blocks Set:

This are a classical building blocks as history has had it explode in terms of sales since the inception of this design. Contrary to the more traditional Domino set, this model does not feature the numbered dots that make it easier for the child to build and erect structures. On the contrary, in this design, the pieces each come in a unique color, an element that makes it possible for the child to arrange or sort them in an organized manner, thus providing a clue of what goes where while still preserving the element of adventure that the game is originally designed to confer.

# 6-Awesome Choice Unlimited Creation Cubes:

This is one of the simplest building blocks, yet the one that still gives the child the joy and satisfaction other building blocks cannot achieve. This set employs the use of cubes, which perfectly interlock in a firm grip because they have uniform sizes. This creates multiple structures, figures and can even help to create toys for the kids.

Factors to consider before buying building blocks for kids

There are multiple factors to be considered before taking the step to acquire a set of building blocks for kids less than five years of age. These include;

  • Complexity:
    Kids less than five years of age are still too young to handle the complexity that comes with certain building blocks achieve. As such, parents need to consider how complex the blocks are before getting them for the kids.
  • Fragility or break-ability:
    Another factor to consider is the fragility of the blocks. At that age, the kids tend to smash everything on the ground. This is an important consideration as the more fragile the object is, the more harm it is likely to cause upon scatter.
  • Cost:
    While it is important to get building blocks for your kids, it is also important to consider the costs, as there are many other responsibilities to cater for. On this note, it is important to consider going for the less expensive but good quality building blocks as this would strike the balance.

Top Selected Products and Reviews

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Last update on 2019-12-10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last update on 2019-12-10 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Benefits of using building blocks for kids below the age of 5 years

  • Develops kids’ creative ability:
    Building blocks have the capacity to build and develop the creative ability of the child as manifested by the number of design structures that the child is able to develop.
  • Cognitive training and therapy:
    They also serve as a form of therapy as it trains the child on cognitive stability where the child is able to coordinate their fine motor skills such as brain eye and hand coordination. In this way, the child develops intellectually.
  • Trains the child to focus:
    Focus is another parameter that building blocks train a child. In designing and developing a particular structure, the kid is able to focus on individual projects to specific level.
  • Provides fun and entertainment:
    Building blocks are also a fun and entertaining thing to do. Through this activity, the child is able to entertain himself and more if it is more than one child involved.
  • Bonding between participants:
    Building blocks also provide a bonding time between the players. Working towards a common goal helps the players to connect on a deeper level.

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Building blocks for kids stand as one of the best ways through which kids can spend their time constructively. As opposed to the other games which only have an entertainment value, there are multiple ways through which a kid can benefit from having and actively using their building blocks even from a tender age as below 5 years.

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