Best Electronic Dog Toys Reviews in 2021

If your child is glued to his video games all day long and has no physical activity or if your child has been asking for a dog, but you think he’s not ready to have one then a robot dog toy is the best solution for you.

With technological advancements, a robotic dog toy is becoming one of the highly intelligent toys your child can have which not only keeps your kid active and playful but also improves his learning skills, control, and petting skills and his physical health. To ease your life further, we’re here to present the top 7 best electronic dog toys reviews for 2019:

Here is a list of factors you should consider before buying a robot dog:

  • Age of Your Child:
    A robot dog is designed to stimulate a child’s cognitive skills and physical activity. If the robot dog is too childish for your kid, he will grow out of it very soon, and if it’s too mature for your kid then it can be dangerous, and the child might get scared.
  • Control:
    If you’re buying it for kids aged less than five years, then one should opt for robot dogs that operate via voice control or touch. A remote control controlled robotic dog is more suitable for kids above five years of age.
  • Functions:
    You need to carefully observe what each robotic dog has to offer, such as several dog tricks, sounds, music, dance, somersaults, instant respond, interactive control, etc.
  • Design:
    The best idea would be to buy a robot dog toy that looks as real as possible so your child can treat it like an actual pet and learn responsibility and handling. Other design considerations include interactive colors, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials, lights, etc.
  • Mode of Power:
    One should carefully consider the style of power needed, i.e., some robot dog toys operate via replaceable batteries via some have chargeable batteries. The battery time and the time to recharge are essential factors too.

Let’s Take a Look Our Top 5 Best Seller & Special Offer

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Top 7 Electronic dog toys review:

# 7-Harly Interactive Robot Dog Toy:

7-Harly Interactive Robot Dog Toy:

The “Harly Electronic dog” is a product of technological revolution and can be your child’s new best friend. It is highly recommended for kids between 24 months-7 years of age. The robot dog toy is popular for its hyper-realistic and ergonomic design which can trick anyone into believing it’s a real dog! Equipped with various sensors, the dog responds instantly to your kid’s touch and can walk, bark, sing, and dance, thus keeping your child active and happy.

This helps to improve your child’s cognitive skills and also helps him learn how to treat a pet without you getting one. Each sensor present on various parts of the robot dog’s body serves a different function; for example, if one rubs Harly’s back, he will play chase on smooth surfaces and can also avoid obstacles. This aids your child’s physical activity and keeps him entertained throughout the day. Lastly, this robot dog comes in 2 new colors, i.e., black and pink making it attractive for both girls and boys.

What we like

  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Touch sensitive
  • Quick response via various sensors and performs various functions like walk, bark, sing, chase, and dance.
  • Best-suited for both girls and boys.

# 6- BIRANCO Electronic Pets Dog Toy:

6- BIRANCO Electronic Pets Dog Toy:

This robot dog can be the perfect gift for your child’s birthday. It has a super-cute design made up of non-toxic material and is suitable for kids above three years of age. It is touch sensitive and also follows voice-commands to carry out its functions. With the help of sensors, the dog can walk, sit down, be fed if you touch his jaw, bark if you touch his forehead and dance if you slightly press his nose. It can also walk, stand up, and sit down in response to the sound of a clap of hands.

This helps to improve your child’s learning ability and cognitive skills. The super-intelligent robot dog has blue eyes when active, which turn red when it’s hungry or sleepy. Lastly, the robot dog functions upon disposable batteries so your child can have an uninterrupted playtime.

What we like

  • Super-cute and safe to use
  • Responds to both touch and voice commands
  • Multi-functional, i.e., can walk, bark, dance, etc.
  • Lit up eyes.
  • Operates on changeable batteries.

# 5- Robot Helen:

5- Robot Helen:

Robot Helen is another impressive production like “Robot Harly.” Robot Helen is specially designed for girls of 2 years and above. This robot dog toy is touch sensitive and responds instantly and performs various functions such as walking, barking, singing, dancing and also plays chase on smooth surfaces and can avoid obstacles on its own.

This keeps your child physically and mentally active and keeps him cheerful the entire day. It also talks when touched, for example if you touch her tail, she will question, “Who did it?” Robot Helen has an adorable and interactive design which makes it best-suited for your baby girl.

What we like

  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Touch sensitive
  • Immediate response via various sensors and performs various functions like walk, bark, sing, chase, and dance.
  • Best-suited for both girls.

# 4- Zoomer Playful Robotic Pup:

4- Zoomer Playful Robotic Pup:

Another innovative robot dog toy making it to our list is the “Zoomer playful pup.” This robot dog’s design makes it look as real as possible with a pair of furry ears and a soft hanging tongue with a sturdy body. It responds via both touch and voice commands. On being hugged or caressed, it creates soft noises and barks joyfully. It can also pull off up to 20 dog tricks (e.g., sit, play dead, wiggle tail) just like a real dog but much quicker.

The robot dog loves to be cuddled and will demand more by creating soft, whimpering sounds. This keeps your child fully active and also enhances his love for animals. It is a perfect gift for kids above five years of age. Lastly, the robot dog toy is rechargeable using a USB data cable and is designed to keep your child charged throughout the day!

What we like

  • Interactive and realistic design
  • Responds upon both touch and voice
  • Creates cute dog sounds and can do 20 tricks
  • Charged via a USB cable.

# 3- Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog:

3- Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog:

This robot dog responds upon touch and can be easily controlled via a remote control just like a remote control car. It responds by making cute barking sounds and moves when patted on his forehead and the highly modern design allows you to pre-program it with a set of instructions which it will follow when asked to. This allows you to have true robotic experience at a cheaper cost.

The highlight of this robotic dog is that it can easily be controlled i.e., made for walking in all directions, spin head, etc. with just push of some buttons. This improves your child’s remote control skills and improves his thinking capability. The robotic dog also provides four dance moves with music, which keeps the child engaged and cheerful.

What we like

  • Highly intelligent design
  • Control via touch and remote control
  • Can be pre-programmed
  • Performs multiple tricks via remote control
  • Turns off itself if not used for 100 seconds

# 2- Robot dog toy Harry:

2- Robot dog toy Harry:

This innovative robot dog toy works upon touch and part from walking, standing, barking, dancing, and singing; it talks in response to touch. For example, if you touch his nose, it questions who about who’s touching his nose? It also lays the chase game without bumping into obstacles and keeps your child alert and fresh. Its battery operated and has a catchy outlook!

What we like

  • Works upon touch
  • Can do multiple dog tricks, bark, dance sing
  • Bump and go feature allows it to play chase by dodging obstacles automatically
  • Battery operated.

# 1- Liberty Imports Cute Little Puppy:

1- Liberty Imports Cute Little Puppy:

If you’re looking for a real-looking robotic dog, then this one’s for you. This plush and furry little robot dog is best suited for kids above three years of age. The robotic dog can pull off several dog tricks via voice commands and can walk, sit, bark, and even do complete somersaults! It a playful toy to have around, which keeps your child physically and mentally active throughout the day.

What we like

  • Hyper-realistic design
  • Works upon voice control
  • Can do dog tricks including a somersault
  • Battery operated


A robotic dog is not just an average toy that keeps your child playful and active but also helps him grow mentally and physically by improving his cognitive skills, learning, reflexes, etc. if you’re puzzled about which robotic dog toy is best-suited for your kid, our top 7 robot dog toys will surely help you decide for better.

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