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Best Bed Rails for Kids in 2020

Best Bed Rails for Kids in 2020

The early days in a kids’ life include cribs and cots. They guarantee that the kids don’t fall off the sleeping area while moving from one side to another while asleep. These sleep areas are replaced with larger beds and independent sleeping spaces as they grow. Once the time comes to the parents ensure beforehand that the bed is secured. To do this, they add the bed rails on both sides of the beds.

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How to choose the best Bed Rails for Kids ?

If you want to get the best rails for kids, it is essential to consider the following elements before buying the best bed safety rails.

Size :

Buying the right sized rails is important. The size of the rails is selected according to the dimensions of the mattress. The rails must be chosen in
such a way that at least some space is left above the mattress and still the rail is higher than the kid.

Installation and attachment :

Get the rails that can be securely fixed to the bed. There is no fixing problem with the bumpers. The bed base matters a great deal. Checks that how can you get the rails attached to the bed base. The thin mattress beds require the fixed rails while for the beds fitted with planks it is suggested to get heavier mattresses.

Materials :

Don’t ignore the materials used in the making of the rails. Wooden rails are the common option, but they are hard to maintain; they can easily get dirty
and can be impacted by the pests and the weather conditions. The plastic rails are lighter in weight, but they are not very long lasting. The best option is to get the metal rails. These rails are sturdy, long lasting, and easy to maintain.

Price :

Price cannot be ignored. Don’t go beyond your financial limitations. Check out for the best options available in your price range.

10. Dreambaby Savoy Bed Rail Perfect for Toddler Beds

10. Dreambaby Savoy Bed Rail Perfect for Toddler Beds

If you want your child to stay safe after he has moved out of his crib or cot, then nothing is better than the Dream baby Savoy bed rail. It is wide and tall enough to keep the child safe no matter how much the child twists and turns in the bed.

This allows the child to get the confidence of sleeping alone in the bed. There is no need to worry about the size of the mattress. It is an excellent choice for the mattresses and beds of all sizes and types.

  • Easy to clean chine washable covers
  • Excellent choice for the slat beds
  • Completely safe and secure due to adequate length and width
  • Easy to install
  • Fitted with safety anchors for secure installation
  • Not easy to handle for first time users
  • Does not fix firmly to the bed

9. Trend Lab Waterproof CribWrap Rail Cover

9. Trend Lab Waterproof CribWrap Rail Cover

It is an excellent choice for the kids who are recently moved out of the crib. It is made out of the soft and safe materials that prevent those kids from getting injured who are used to chewing and biting the rails. The soft Sherpa fleece makes it a perfect choice for kids of all ages.

It is very easy to install because of the wrap and ties function. It is a great wrap for small rails due to the easy dimensions of 27x6x6.5 inches.

  • Comfortable fitting
  • Prevents the moisture from reaching the rails
  • Soft and secure for all kids
  • Can be bought in your favorite colors
  • Contains no harmful materials for the kids
  • Machine wash can damage the waterproof system

8. hiccapop Inflatable Bed Rail for Toddlers

8. hiccapop Inflatable Bed Rail for Toddlers

The kids don’t want to feel like being in a cage. Most of the rails are constructed in such a way that the kids feel like captives. Hiccapop has a solution to these problems. They have created an awesome rail that is spacious and highly supportive.

This bumper prevents the child from rolling down. It is high enough to stop the child before the danger is there.

  • Not difficult to install
  • Can be adjusted as per the requirement
  • Can be stored conveniently after use
  • The length is little less than the actual specifications

7. Royexe Portable Bed Rail Bumper

7. Royexe Portable Bed Rail Bumper

Royexe is the name of reliability and trust. The manufacturers have guaranteed all the features that make it longer lasting. This inflatable bumper is an excellent choice for all kinds of beds. It can firmly stay close to the bed edges to prevent the child from falling.

The storage is not a challenge either. Just deflate the bumper and secure it wherever you like. The bumper is made out of longer lasting PVC that is safe to use.

  • ergonomic make
  • can be adjusted in all beds
  • can be inflated as per requirement
  • easy to maintain
  • perfect cleaning possible
  • not great for tightly fitted sheets
  • not convenient for kids
  • who move throughout the night
  • Too huge

6.Regalo Hideaway 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

6.Regalo Hideaway 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

It is a comfortable rail for longer beds. The swing down type makes it great for the kids who love to feel confident and independent. The length of 20 inches is enough to keep a medium-sized child completely safe. With this length, it can be used for any queen sized bed.

The parents love the anchoring straps that can keep the child secure especially when the parents are not around.

  • Lightweight long rail for all kinds of beds
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Made of sturdy and reliable materials
  • Hassle free secure installation
  • Installation can be challenging for the first time users<

5.SHINNWA Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

5.SHINNWA Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

Unlike other bed bumpers, it is extremely trusted worthy and reliable. It not just gives enough room to the child but prevents over the occupation of the space. The kids love the way the bumper gives them independence and freedom that they cannot enjoy with the metallic rails.

The risk of getting hurt is also minimized. The bumper is filled with the memory foam that guarantees complete safety. No material used in manufacturing is such that it would harm the kids.

  • easy installation
  • soft and comfortable for the kids
  • adequate height and width for a secure sleep
  • not suitable for too active kids
  • takes time to get the shape

4.Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail

4.Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail

With the perfect dimensions of 42.5×21 inches, it makes the right rail for queen sized beds. It is even great to install it with a huge mattress. Usually, after the installation of the rails, the parents find it challenging to clean and tidy the bed perfectly.

The manufacturers have ensured to resolve this issue by introducing the folding feature. The rail can be folded and secured. The security certification makes it further reliable and trustworthy. For those who have to co-sleep with their kids quite often would love getting this safety bedrail.

  • perfect installation system
  • suits the broad sleeping areas
  • perfect height for kids of all ages
  • challenging for many new users
  • not made for king size beds
  • folding and unfolding can be challenging

3. hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

3. hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

The hiccapop rails are highly recommended and appreciated for those who want to have hassle-free installation. The adjustable steel clamps and the attached screws make it easy to fix the rail with the bed. It can be removed easily when it is not required or not in use.

Small and medium-sized kids will find it safe regardless of how clumsily they sleep during the nights. Being a compact option, it can be easily moved.

  • easy to store
  • user-friendly installation
  • goes well with all brands
  • not suitable for thin mattresses
  • some users find it too lightweight

2. Regalo Swing down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

2. Regalo Swing down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

When we talk about something reliable for the sleeping hours of the kids, then it is not possible to avoid the name Regalio. They are known for winning the hearts of several parents because of the high quality and safety that they extend to the users. Besides getting it from the physical stores, it is possible to acquire them through the online shopping options too. Any average height kid can comfortably sleep in this rail guard.

Usually, it is praised for the gap-free design that makes it a great choice for any deep mattress. The people usually reject a rail because they find the installation challenging. In case of the Regalo Swing down this apprehension is reduced to a minimum. Cleaning isn’t problematic either.

  • easy to move around
  • sturdy and reliable
  • perfect maintenance
  • gets displaced easily too lightweight for some users

1. Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System

1.    Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard, with Reinforced Anchor Safety System

For a perfect sleep of both the parents and children, it is a must to get something reliable just like the Regalo swing down 43-inch bed rail. This ensures that the kid won’t fall from the bed and the parents don’t have to wake up in the mid of the night to check if the kid in the bed is safe.

The manufacturers have ensured that with the tightly fit patented Gap Guard system the rail remains intact. This 43-inch length and the 20 inches height is enough to keep the kid safe all through the nap time.

  • Perfect grip on the bed
  • Can adjust with any mattress
  • Certified by American Society
  • Products Manufacturing Association
  • Contains no harmful materials
  • Difficult to handle due to lightweight
  • Can get damaged easily


The parents are always worried about the safety of the kids. Whether the kids are awake or they are sleeping through the night, they try to ensure that nothing bad comes their way. If you wish to keep your child secure and comfortable all day long, then these are the best bed rails that you should consider buying to keep him or her protected.

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